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Bluejacket Open Pub Golf Tour
Weekend of June 13th - June 16th
ChurchKey, Shelter, The Sovereign, Bluejacket, Owen’s Tavern & Garden, Rustico, B Side, Hi/Fi Tex-Mex BBQ and Josephine 

Celebrate the 2024 U.S. Open Golf Championship and Father’s Day weekend with the inaugural Bluejacket Open pub golf tournament. Open to amateur and professional beer drinkers alike, this golf-themed craft beer tour will take place at 9 restaurants and bars across the DMV!



1) Pre-Register by filling out THIS FORM
2 ) Pick up your official scorecard at any of the participating locations:
Bluejacket | B Side | ChurchKey | Hi/Fi Tex-MexBBQ | Josephine
Owen’s Tavern & Garden | Rustico | Shelter | The Sovereign
3) Order a beer at each location that meets the rules set in the scorecard. Scores of Par (0), Birdie (-1), and Eagle (-2) involve meeting a set of compounding rules.
4) Prizes will be awarded to players based on the number of holes completed, as follows:
1st Cut (3 Holes): A free pair of Bluejacket sunglasses
2nd Cut (6 Holes): A free pair of Bluejacket sunglasses & special edition Bluejacket “dad” hat
3rd Cut (9 Holes): A free pair of Bluejacket sunglasses, special edition Bluejacket “dad” hat, and a mixed 4 pack of Bluejacket beer.

Players who complete 3 holes will be entered to win one of the five (5) Grand Prizes. Chances of winning a Grand Prize improve with lower scores.



Four (4) VIP tickets to the beastliest beer festival of the year -- Snallygaster 2024!
A private beer tasting for four (4) people at one of our locations with Greg Engert, NRG Partner & Beverage Director.
Two (2) one-year memberships to Bluejacket’s First Class club.
An Intimate French dinner for two (2) people at Josephine!
A Tex-Mex BBQ & Margarita feast for four (4) people hosted by Hi-Fi BBQ.


Increase your odds of winning a grand prize package by completing any of the following tasks.


Mulligan Bonus Drinks:

Order an additional drink at each location, as specified in the Scorecard.

Mulligan Side Games:

Complete Golf-themed games at each location.


Bluejacket: Pinseeker! Find 3 hidden golf flags around the bar area.

ChurchKey: Tee Toss! Get the ball on the end of the string to stay on the tee (3 attempts).

Shelter: Quarters Golf! Get a hole-in-one on this “quarters” version of mini-golf (3 attempts)

The Sovereign: Guess the # of tees inside a large beer chalice.

Owen’s Tavern & Garden: Free Score! Receive a Longest Drive point just for making the trip.

Rustico: Get a hole-in-one on a 10-foot putting green (1 attempt)

B Side: Free Score! Receive a point for visiting this location.

Hi-Fi BBQ: Chip Shot! Chip a ball into a net (1 attempt)

Josephine: Table Golf! Get a hole-in-one on a tabletop size putting green.


Driving Range Improvements:

- Show us your receipts when turning in your card. We’ll give you up to four extra stamps for every $25 spent over $50 during the event. ($50, $75, $100, $125).

- Tag any participating location on Instagram with the hashtag #BluejacketOpen

- Dress up in golf attire.


For more information, and a sneak peek at the special edition prizes, follow any of the Bluejacket Open locations on Instagram leading up to the event! For any questions, e-mail



- Official scorecards can be picked up at any participating location.

- Participants must order a full-sized pour of a qualifying beer to qualify.

- Completed scorecards must be turned in at Bluejacket.

- Completed scorecards must be turned in by Sunday, June 16th, 2024 to win a prize.

- Grand prize package winners will be contacted via e-mail and announced on social media the week of June 17th, 2024.

- Please drink responsibly. This is not a race. There is no prize for finishing first. Only 2 drinks per location count towards your final total.

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